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    RubberBrands is taking wristbands to the next level through the unique and original concept of stretchable graphics, combined with revolutionary band and packaging designs. With a Design Team led by a veteran Disney Imagineer, the company is committed to excellence in every aspect.


    RubberBrands can be used both functionally (event wristbands, trade show giveaways, etc) as well as recreationally - a fun, fresh and exciting way to keep your company top of mind to consumers. Combining custom design with your audience in mind, RubberBrands allows for brilliant and successful fundraising. Design options are endless, with imagination being the only limit.



    RubberBrands has several sub-sects, appealing to all types of people.



    Capitalizing on the wristband craze, Stretcheez brings something new, fun and exciting to the world of kid’s merchandising. Stretching to reveal their favorite character, sport or phrase - Stretcheez is a “must-have” for kids of all ages.



    Faith Bands’ purpose is to bring the concept of freshness of RubberBrands to the faith-based community through churches, youth groups and Christian retail channels. There is power in gathering people with one purpose and one life vision, weather it be a charity, community or cause. This is the essential form of wearing your beliefs on your sleeve while simultaneously supporting that which you believe in.



    Baller wristbands can be designed with endless options: Stretchable print layered over a textured band that looks and feels like the real ball; Stretchable or non-stretchable text on a plain band, with or without ball laces; Colors/branding to represent your favorite team/league. Imagination in the only limit.



    RubberBrands can accommodate any event with varying types of entry wristbands; cloth (with and without security clasps), Tyvek, paper and lanyards of all kinds. Go the extra mile, making your event attendees feel welcome with intentional custom design.